Privacy Policy

Personal Information

We respect your privacy and don't collect any personal information about this website's visitors.


Apart from the underlying web technology to maintain session state across multiple pages, this website does not use cookies, other than those that may be used by. Some third party services that we use might set cookies. The website uses Google Analytics, in particular (to see how much traffic the website receives, pages visited, the numbers of visitors from different countries, etc). These third party services provide aggregate data and not personal information.

You could also view the privacy policy of the third party service or product if you want to confirm the same. Here's Google's Privacy Policy, which explains what data they collect, why they collect it, and what they do with it.

You can also choose to disable cookies using your web browser's settings although some parts of this website might not work because of that.

Web Server Log Files

Like most websites, data is collected in the web server log files. The date includes data such as web pages requested, date and time of request, the type of web browser used, the visitor's IP address, the web page that referred the user to this website (if any), etc.

This is a commonly used practice. This information can be used for determining things such as how popular the website is, whether traffic is increasing or decreasing over a period of time, which pages visitors find useful, the websites the traffic is coming from etc. It can also be used for diagnostics purposes (for example, troubleshooting an error), and it can be used for security purposes (for example, analyzing unusual traffic in the event of a DDOS attack, etc).

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